Thursday, 10 May 2012

Yoga teacher wants to kill me

I went to an Ashtanga yoga class today, and it was clear the teacher wanted me to die -- why else would she think I could stay upside down for five minutes then shoot my legs out under my arms and into a sitting position all in one movement? Or go into a half-lotus position standing up then bend over and touch the floor? Impossible.

We sat in a lotus position with our hands in Namaste position and all chanted OM at the same time. It was so soothing. The teacher said to dedicate our practice to someone who needed positive energy sent her way so I thought of my daughter Katie, who is so stressed out at medical school.

Here she was yesterday at Trafalgar Square. Notice the huge fountains there are silent. They've been stopped because we have an official drought in England. A drought! It's rained non-stop since Easter. We are drowning in water but we have signs all around saying, WE ARE IN DROUGHT. PLEASE CONSERVE WATER.



Elizabeth said...

I can't imagine why those tourists at the back of this photo are posing in front of that ugly Olympic countdown thing behind the fountain. The Olympic logo is awful.

YAA said...

Doesn't the water recirculate in those fountains? This has to be more green agenda propaganda. Maybe there is some way to power that fountain with bicycles and reclaim the sweat from the fountain pumpers to replace the water lost to evaporation. Britain could lower its carbon footprint and still enjoy pretty fountains.

Virginia R. said...

is that a scarl!?!? in may!?!?!?

YAA said...

I love the way your stories encompass so many diverse issues Elizabeth. This particular one really amuses me.

Oh, did you hear the good news? Despite the ongoing drought the BBC is reporting that "due to Allied victories in the War on Terror the Ministry of Luxuries is announcing an increase in the chocolate ration from 27 grams per week to 22 grams per week". Good news for chocolate lovers all over the UK!

Winston said...

Chocco ration's gone up again - doupleplusgood!