Wednesday, 9 May 2012

I hate Reading buses

I went to London today. I have to go on a bus in Reading first though. That's always a pleasure. Today I heard this conversation.

Little boy (5) to his sister (3): "I want to kill a policeman! Police -- they should die." (Bet he's heard his dad say that a lot after being arrested.)

Mother (texting, never looking up): "Stop saying that shit."

Boy coughs.

Mother (texting, never looking up): "If you do that again, I'll slap you silly."


brenda said...

"Speak roughly to your little boy/And beat him when he sneezes!/ He only does it to annoy/Because he knows it teases!"

YAA said...

Meanwhile, on the other side of town the son of a policeman is overheard saying "I want to kill a Chav..I hate Chavs!"