Sunday, 20 May 2012

Everyone wants photo approval now

It used to be only celebrities could be fussy about their photos and demand to see them first before they were published and give their approval. Now everybody is doing it. I can't put up anything on Facebook that hasn't been pre-approved by the people appearing in it, or I get politely told off.

This photo of me and a friend whose name I can't put here is probably the only thing I can put up without getting in trouble.
But you know, I'm the same way. I probably would have put a real photo of me on this blog now if all the ones taken of me recently weren't so awful. (double chin, wrinkles and god knows what else)

I had an exciting week -- my friends visited from America, I started rehearsals for a performance of the Dream of Gerontius in Hamburg later this year and my brother cut me out of his life totally and forever and I'm not sure why.

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