Sunday, 20 May 2012

Everyone wants photo approval now

It used to be only celebrities could be fussy about their photos and demand to see them first before they were published and give their approval. Now everybody is doing it. I can't put up anything on Facebook that hasn't been pre-approved by the people appearing in it, or I get politely told off.

This photo of me and a friend whose name I can't put here is probably the only thing I can put up without getting in trouble.
But you know, I'm the same way. I probably would have put a real photo of me on this blog now if all the ones taken of me recently weren't so awful. (double chin, wrinkles and god knows what else)

I had an exciting week -- my friends visited from America, I started rehearsals for a performance of the Dream of Gerontius in Hamburg later this year and my brother cut me out of his life totally and forever and I'm not sure why.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

My brother cuts me off

I received an email from one of my brothers in America this morning that said:

"I’m kicking you out of my life, don’t communicate with me again."

I don't even know what he's upset about. I thought if I told you guys about it, I would feel a little lighter. Thanks for letting me unload.

Now you can see why I moved to England long ago. 

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Removing the 'Produced in Australia' tag from apples

I had lunch with the girls yesterday at a very nice farm shop. The prices were a bit steep but, you know, it's all local produce and worth it, eh? Here we are about to eat. (I bought a t-shirt to wear for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee day on the 3rd of June and was just wearing it to see how it fit. It was a bit lurid for a trip to the farm shop, though, I realize now.)

Anyway, I bought the most delicious food to take home and cook. We just grilled Stilton and mango hamburger patties from there  -- delish.

I was telling other friends about the farm shop today at breakfast, and one of my pals said, "I had a friend who used to work at that farm shop. One of her jobs was to remove all the 'Made in Australia' tags from the fruit."

Argh! Who can you trust in this world if even the trusty local farm shop lies to you?

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Yoga teacher wants to kill me

I went to an Ashtanga yoga class today, and it was clear the teacher wanted me to die -- why else would she think I could stay upside down for five minutes then shoot my legs out under my arms and into a sitting position all in one movement? Or go into a half-lotus position standing up then bend over and touch the floor? Impossible.

We sat in a lotus position with our hands in Namaste position and all chanted OM at the same time. It was so soothing. The teacher said to dedicate our practice to someone who needed positive energy sent her way so I thought of my daughter Katie, who is so stressed out at medical school.

Here she was yesterday at Trafalgar Square. Notice the huge fountains there are silent. They've been stopped because we have an official drought in England. A drought! It's rained non-stop since Easter. We are drowning in water but we have signs all around saying, WE ARE IN DROUGHT. PLEASE CONSERVE WATER.


Wednesday, 9 May 2012

I hate Reading buses

I went to London today. I have to go on a bus in Reading first though. That's always a pleasure. Today I heard this conversation.

Little boy (5) to his sister (3): "I want to kill a policeman! Police -- they should die." (Bet he's heard his dad say that a lot after being arrested.)

Mother (texting, never looking up): "Stop saying that shit."

Boy coughs.

Mother (texting, never looking up): "If you do that again, I'll slap you silly."

Monday, 30 April 2012

I wanted to run over the cyclists in London

We went to London on Saturday to celebrate my daughter's birthday but there was a huge protest by cyclists over their road rights, and we couldn't get to the restaurant on time. We drove around for hours, getting more frustrated by the minute. "Just smash into them," I advised my husband, before falling silent and feeling guilty.

Finally we made it to the restaurant and ate. This time I didn't trip on the step and fall flat on my face in front of all the posh diners like I did the last time we were at this snooty place.

Happy Birthday, Katie. (That's her BF in the background.)

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Virginia's Rome tips

My Italian friend Virginia found out we are going to Rome in June and sent me some insider tips. I'll share with you for your future Roman holidays.

Virgi wrote:
You're going to Rome, caput mundi.

Here are some tips:
1. There is one of the best place on earth for pizza in rome. It's called pizzarium, the owner, Gabriele Bonci, is very famous in Italy as he's a master in his art. It's a great take-away (the last time I went there there weren't many seats and it was full of people), good selected ingredients, and also the beer is great.
2. Ice cream is good everywhere in Italy, but one of my favorite one is Grom: they have 2 shops in Rome. Not as many flavours as other places, but every month there is a "Flavor of the month" and the whipped cream is real whipped cream, i.e. not coming from a spray bottle.
3. If you want to taste real Rome food, go for the Jewish ghetto, as people lived there since Romans time and through all the ages. If you go in the area of Via del Portico d'Ottavia you will find a lot of Kosher restaurants, patisserie and bakeries...

4. Catacombs? are a bit out of the way. There is also a necropolis below St. Peter's but belongs to the Vatican and I'm not sure how and where you can book a visit.

There is so much to see in Rome that I don't know where to begin, but I think that St. Peter's is a must, it truly takes your breath away.
And a stroll in Via Vittorio Veneto at sunset or in the evening, just like in La Dolce Vita. And trastevere, too..